Declarations and tax

Tax return
Private and legal persons are obliged to make a declaration. This means that both individuals and companies (limited liability company, partnership) shall submit a tax return every year. For private enterprises, it is an appendix to the holder’s tax return, which represents the company’s tax return. All companies must file a tax return with more or less complicated attachments, and if you like, calculate the final tax. The difference between the final tax and the provisional tax paid will be the residual tax or taxes to get back.
Income year is the year for which the company draws up a balance sheet. Year of assessment is the following calendar year when self-declaration to the tax administration is made and as well, when the tax administration determines the assessment.

Our consultants, who annually prepare a large number of tax declarations, have extensive experience of all the special circumstances that could form the basis of a tax return. We monitor the self-declaration getting in in time.

Tax Cases
If a declaration does not get approved due to a deduction or if any dispute arises you are welcome to our substantial knowledge in this field.

Our staff provides counseling and advice regarding accounting, consolidation, financial instruments, the design of annual reports, interim reports and financial analysis. We have a wide-ranging network of partners so that when needed, we take outside assistance.