Financial statements and annual reports

Financial statements
At each year-end, a balance sheet must be made. The financial statements contain a well-documented record of all balance sheet accounts and documents and other things that are important to save. Financial statements are prepared in all types of enterprises. In normal circumstances, neither private enterprises nor partnerships are required to draw up financial statements. Therefore, it is especially important that the accounting records are of high quality. Erb ensures the quality of the closing internally before they are submitted to the audit or to you as a client. Our experience has shown that this leads to the high quality we seek.

Annual Report
Limited liability companies shall establish an annual report to be audited by an auditor. When the accounts are examined and auditors has written their report, shareholders should hold an annual general meeting (AGM) where they determine the balance sheet and income, decides on any dividend, select board and take decisions on other matters that may be present at the AGM. Thereafter, a copy of the annual report should be submitted to the Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) in which it becomes a public document.