To establish salaries and to be updated on all laws and regulations can be a challenge for anyone. Many large companies choose to get help with their payroll even if they have a well functioning department. Some think it is comfortable having someone to refer questions to from the staff and other appreciate to avoid responsibility. Even ”small” companies may need help with individual salaries.

To take responsibility for the wages means that you must have knowledge of laws, rules and a variety of agreements.

Erb form routines together with each customer. Sometimes they consist of a fixed salary that may be the same each month and sometimes it can be hourly wages based on attested time sheets. Often, all possible additions and deductions are made. The wage calculation, notice, payment and reporting are made based on the conditions agreed upon by the customer and Erb. In combination with our administrators having an e-identity and the proxy statement as representative, we can now also be responsible for the monthly tax declaration to be presented at the right time.