The modern accounting firm 

Our assignments often extend far beyond the services offered by a traditional accounting firm. We keep up to date when it comes to technology and training, and collaborate actively with our clients. Our international collaboration is extensive, from which we offer unique professional skills. The following keywords provide a description of our business and to some extent also illustrate the ethical rules for the company that all our employees strive to follow.

Adapted to clients
Our first challenge is to, together with you, analyze your company´s needs and in which way we best can be to your assistance. This process takes place on a continual basis for the entire time we are your financial partner.

When we provide our services, we are proactive in our role as partner and offer ideas and proposals for improvements and changes, everything so that your business functions optimally.

You receive straightforward communication with clear professional advice. We communicate in one language so that we understand each other.

Since we are more than an accounting firm, we become involved in your company as your financial adviser. This has resulted in our functioning as an entire financial department for many clients, where we manage everything from mail to board assignments as if it were our own business operation.

Should your contact person be unavailable, someone else is always available for your assistance. We are one of Sweden’s largest accounting firms and we are available when you need us.

Our quality assurance work is proactive and we stay up to date on the latest developments and changes. Our staff undergoes training on a continual basis. We make use of templates, which means that our staff can work together effectively in order to assist each other’s clients.

Through our big external network, we can deal with questions that we are unable to answer on our own. Our network includes auditors, tax and VAT experts, lawyers, banks, insurance agents, asset managers and business developers.

We have established many international contacts since the company was founded in 1987.  We collaborate regularly with our partners abroad and have several clients around the world. In several cases, we function as a client’s partner and provide help with everything from setting up a company to human resources.

We have liability insurance through the Association of Swedish Accounting Consultants (SRF) to protect our clients.  Our staff is bound by professional secrecy and treats all information as confidential.

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